Arts to Business Catalogue Launch

The Arts to Business Catalogue features more than 60 services offered by members of the creative community in our province.

The catalogue provides opportunities for creative learning, team-building, and innovation by connecting businesses with artists, designers, and other creative thinkers.

At Business and Arts NL, our goal is to foster a strong culture of innovation in our province by leveraging the unique skills offered by members of the creative community.

Louise Moyes

The Arts to Business Catalogue includes services such as:

  • Leadership, team-building, and creative problem-solving sessions led by actors, visual artists, and other collaborative thinkers.
  • Public speaking workshops offered by nationally recognized performing artists in theatre and opera.
  • Storytelling through video production to develop your company’s message or brand, potentially including employees in the production process.
  • Live entertainment by musicians, dancers, comedians, and other performers for customer or employee appreciation events.
  • Inspiring presentations by innovators and visionaries who can activate creative potential and bring ideas to life with visuals.

We believe creative thinkers can contribute to business not only through hands-on technical skills and experience, but also through their approach to life. The creative community offers a wealth of highly motivated, entrepreneurial individuals who can help businesses find solutions and develop their culture and brand.

Businesses have access to Arts to Business Catalogue for free on our website. Try it now!