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Spotlight On Partnerships

In Response to the 2016  Budget Cuts to Municipal Arts Funding

    Our city and our province rely on the arts.  While it’s widely accepted that our music, our festivals, and our vibrant culture capture the imaginations of those living beyond our province’s border, inspiring an inflow of dollars from tourists, cruise ships, and conference goers, we are equally concerned with the impact these cuts… Read more »

Holiday Spotlight: “Come Play With Me!” Piano

There’s nothing that brings out the child in us during the holiday season quite like music. Whether it’s listening to Frank and Bing sing, or delighting in the jazzy sounds of the Vince Guaraldi Trio as Charlie Brown learns what Christmas is all about, timeless music such as this captures the true essence of the… Read more »

Spotlight on Bonavista Living & Bonavista Creative

The arts enrich our lives in many ways – whether it’s feeling inspired while gazing at the brushstrokes upon a canvas; getting hit with a wave of nostalgia as a guitarist plucks the chords to a tune you heard way back when; or happily losing yourself in a tale penned by one of our many… Read more »

Spotlight On Kilmory Resort

While Newfoundland and Labrador is known for its many valuable contributions to the national and global stage, perhaps one of our greatest and most prized exports is our music. From the time-honored sea shanties sung by our forefathers, to the folk/traditional stylings of iconic bands such as Figgy Duff and the serene sounds of the… Read more »

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