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Spotlight On Partnerships

Memorial University Researcher Examining Arts Support in the Province

Newfoundland and Labrador has long been a place that’s renowned and respected for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. From our many writers, musicians, dancers, visual artists and more, we are well represented and established on the provincial and national stage. The arts not only provide a means of emotional and intellectual expression, they also… Read more »

Spotlight on the Diamond Design/Fishers’ Loft Concert Series

When businesses come together in a sprit of cooperation, camaraderie and common interest, they can certainly make beautiful music. Such is the case with Diamond Design and Fishers’ Loft. Established in St. John’s in 1991, Diamond Design is a family jewelry business led by third generation jeweller, goldsmith and designer Pat Thompson. Alternatively, Fishers’ Loft… Read more »

What’s in a Brand?: Q&A with Don-E Coady of Dc Design House

“Brand” is one of those words that you probably hear quite often, but if someone asked you to define it, what would you say? Not just a way for farmers to differentiate their cattle by means of a unique symbol anymore, “branding” has evolved to mean a number of things – but what exactly? Is… Read more »

Facebook for Artists: Q&A with Krystal Hobbs of Reflective Marketing

These days, it seems that everybody and their dog (literally) has a Facebook page. With approximately 1.6 billion monthly active users, it remains the world’s leading social networking site. But Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with old classmates or posting photos of what you had for dinner last night. If you’re an artist or… Read more »

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