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Spotlight on Janet Peter/Coastline Consultants & Soothe Downtown Spa

Did you ever spend time as a child doodling the day away in your journal, expressing your dreams, hopes and fears in paper and paint, collage and colour? Art journaling is good for the mind and spirit. It opens you up to new possibilities and ideas, and helps you to deeper explore your thoughts and… Read more »

Spotlight on Artist Dominique Hurley & Winterholme

Have you ever gazed at a painting or a piece of art and felt a wave of calm or wellbeing wash over you? You likely are not alone. Visual art (depending on its subject matter) is not only pleasing to look at and ponder, it can also affect your mood. In fact, according to research… Read more »

Spotlight on Opera on the Avalon’s Garden of Tears

If you’ve passed by the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre recently, you may have noticed dozens of spring blossoms gracing the grounds. But these are no ordinary flowers. The steel forget-me-nots (a symbol of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment) stand strong, proud and tall, neither bending nor breaking – a resolute reminder of those brave… Read more »

Spotlight on Perfect Day & the EVA Awards

Business & Arts NL business member Perfect Day Canada has long been a dedicated supporter of local arts. When the creative communications agency (which also has offices in London, England and Hamburg, Germany) arrived on the scene in St. John’s six years ago, the majority of their work was done within the creative community, including… Read more »

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