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Spotlight on Stephenville Theatre Festival & Jennifer’s Sweet Occasions

Newfoundland and Labrador is the kind of place where folks look out for one another – a place where close-knit communities gather together to celebrate in times of triumph and join together in mourning during times of despair. The relationship between the local arts and business communities is no exception. When local supports local, there’s… Read more »

Letter: The Artistic Legacy of the Beaumont-Hamel Commemorations

The commemorative events over the past several weeks leading up to the centenary of the battle at Beaumont-Hamel have been a fitting and noble tribute to the men who served and all of those who supported the war effort. The quality of the commemorations will be matched by the enduring power of its artistic legacy:… Read more »

Spotlight on Scotiabank & Writers at Woody Point

Newfoundland and Labrador is a province that has long been renown and respected for its thriving and lively arts scene. From the colourful murals that adorn downtown St. John’s, to theatre productions like those of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival that bring our culture and history to life, art lives and breathes all around us,… Read more »

Spotlight on Artist Brenda Rowe & The Traditional Coffee House and Deli

Some people enjoy the act of creating art as a solitary affair. Whether sitting outside with paint and easel capturing the wild and rugged landscape, or trying to put into words or music the thoughts and emotions the scenery stirs within them, some folks prefer to go it alone, to contemplate the world and their… Read more »

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