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Spotlight On Partnerships

Fundraising for the Arts 101: Q&A with Tammy Davis of United Way of Newfoundland & Labrador

For some folks, the “fun” in fundraising is anything but. From identifying your goals and potential donors, to developing fundraising plans and staying on top of deadlines – all the while keeping everything organized – there are many parts to consider. While it may feel a little overwhelming at first, having a clear game plan… Read more »

Spotlight on Tract Consulting Inc.

  Just as art has the ability to shape thought and opinion and how we view the world, it can also transform the very space in which we live. Art can enliven, engage, entertain, inspire and help anchor us to our surroundings, creating a sense of peace and place. As the owner and president of… Read more »

Income Tax for Freelance Artists: Q&A with Keith Smith of Winsor Coombs

Tax season is upon us. And while this time of year might cause a few headaches for some, if you’re self-employed or a freelance artist, just the word “taxes” might set you into a tailspin. “Can I claim that lunch meeting from back in August?” “What about that new monitor I purchased?” “Where did I… Read more »

Why Art Matters: Q&A with Dr. Noreen Golfman of Memorial University

Art makes life better, in more ways than one. In fact, according to a literature review from Toronto-based Business for the Arts, engaging in arts and cultural activities helps generate empathy and compassion for others, boosts local economies, helps children develop critical thinking skills, improves health and wellness, and more. Art gives us the opportunity… Read more »

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