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Spotlight On Partnerships

Spotlight on Posie Row

The heritage buildings in a city like St. John’s afford many a unique opportunity to artists and entrepreneurs who are looking for a special, one-of-a-kind space in which to create or do business. Now, one local entrepreneur is working on expanding her business, while helping out other entrepreneurs at the same time. If you’ve ever… Read more »

Spotlight on the Cochrane Centre

If there were a story that defined the spirit of community and collaboration, the Cochrane Centre would be it. Three years ago, faced with rising costs associated with building maintenance and a dwindling congregation, the Cochrane Street United Church decided to give their building a new lease on life. They met with city officials, arts… Read more »

Spotlight on Martek & Halfhandsome

If you work in the world of improv comedy, you need space to stretch and spread your wings, as you never know in which position you may find yourself – literally. Working as part of a comedy troupe, camaraderie and collaboration is essential to the creative element, and so is having a place in which… Read more »

Spotlight on McInnes Cooper

Perhaps one of the most important things writers need to get the job done is a nice, quiet space to gather their thoughts and let the creative juices flow without interruption. Whether it be a novel or a screenplay, an article or a communications report, many a wordsmith has been helped along by a bit… Read more »

Spotlight on the Statoil MusicNL Newfound Talent Contest

For four decades now, the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival has been bringing together generations of music fans for a weekend of some of the best folk and traditional tunes from here in the province and beyond. Organized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Society (NLFAS), the festival (August 4-6) has become one of… Read more »

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