Business & Arts NL

Business and Arts Newfoundland and Labrador

Business and Arts Newfoundland and Labrador is a nonprofit organization that drives economic development and fosters partnerships between our business and arts communities.

We work to build a thriving arts and culture sector in a vibrant province.

These partnerships harness the reciprocal power of arts to feed creativity in business, and business to strengthen and support the arts. Arts to Business, Business to Arts.


We believe that the arts should be seen as a strategic provincial resource:

Enriching our Lives

  • Art brings us together, and helps define our personal, local, and provincial identities.
  • Art helps us engage with key issues that affect us all. And sometimes, distracts us and helps us forget.
  • Imagine a life with no books, music, drama, or dance…the banality of reality would be intolerable.
  • In Canada, artistic experiences and outlets comprise 2.9% of household spending.
  • Each year, 78% of the population aged 15 and up participates in an artistic or cultural activity.

Attracting Talent

We want to help attract the people who are crucial to economic success: creative workers, the engineers and scientists who develop new products and industrial processes, and the creative businesspeople, financiers and other workers who play lead roles in the game of starting new businesses and improving the old. These people and their families, peers, and networks want to live in a vibrant community with opportunities to connect, learn and be inspired.

Advancing Innovation

With the widely acknowledged shift to a knowledge-based economy, creative places have become the key locus for the creation of economic value by supporting innovation, resilience and quality enhancement. Creative communities play an ever more important role in enhancing the dynamism, resilience, and overall competitiveness of the economy. They do this by enhancing the innovativeness of individual workers, firms, and other organizations.

Driving Economic Growth

  • The direct contribution of culture industries to the GDP of NL was $497 million in 2014, or 1.6% of provincial GDP. This is well below the national average of 3.3%; we want to help bridge the 1.7% gap.
  • Arts and culture underpin what it means to be Newfoundlanders and Labradorians; how we see ourselves; and how the world sees us. Our vibrant creative sector is a major contributor to our $493 million-dollar tourism industry.
  • In 2014, there were 5,700 jobs directly related to culture industries in our province, of 2.5% of the province’s 234,000 jobs. The national average is 3.9%. Let’s build the capacity of the creative sector together.
  • Like many other knowledge industries, the cultural sector is a dynamic one that depends above all on a creative and productive workforce, rather than on specialized equipment or imported goods or services. Expenditures in this sector constitute a very valuable investment, as they contribute to the development of lasting expertise that is highly sought-after, locally sourced and manufactured, and exportable.


Moving beyond the traditional philanthropic approach of most business and arts organizations, our “made in Newfoundland and Labrador” model focuses on facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between the arts and business communities, strengthening our cultural industries and promoting economic development growth in our community.

To meet our mandate, we continue to develop our suite of programs, which in equal measure offers creativity to the workplace and management know-how to the arts.

I Am #CreativeNL