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Mentoring New Talent, New Winners

Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland & Labrador

How it Works: Emerging and established writers team up to mentor the emerging writer in the development of their craft and work toward a market-ready manuscript. Since 2005, WANL’s Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers has been one of its most sought after and successful programs. Each year, emerging writers compete for the opportunity to be… Read more »

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Stand Out With Stand Up!

Berni Stapleton

How it Works: Your company or corporate event will “Stand Out With Stand Up” from iconic Newfoundland and Labrador comedienne Berni Stapleton. Berni is a performer known for her multitude of characters and her comedic commentaries on life, the universe and everything within. Whether on stage with Rising Tide’s perennial Revue, or seducing audiences with… Read more »

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A Crash Course in Clown

Sara Tilley (Flexible )

How it Works: The red nose is the world’s smallest mask. It lets the wearer expose their inner clown: the most ridiculous, naive, open, creative part of ourselves. In this crash course, participants will be led through a series of fun, high-energy, imaginative exercises, and will emerge on the other side as ‘instant’ clowns! By… Read more »

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Maria Cherwick, Violinist & Fiddle Player

Maria Cherwick

The Details: I am a professional violinist and fiddle player, proficient in a variety of styles. I have a large repertoire of material which makes me suitable for many different functions, both in the context of background music and/or featured entertainer. I have the ability to perform for any duration of time, both acoustically or… Read more »

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NQ Creative Nonfiction Prize & Mentorship Program

Newfoundland Quarterly (NQ)

How it Works: We are building a new creative nonfiction contest and mentorship program. Do you have a topic that is calling out for great writing? Sponsors will have the chance to inspire innovation in the literary arts on a topic or topics in which they have interest AND they will get access to advertising… Read more »

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Cara Kansala, Professional Artist

Cara Kansala

The Details: If you are looking for a unique, custom piece of artwork specific to your business or site, then I would love to work with you. I create custom corporate gifts for clients and employees such as greeting cards, prints and more, all with an image created specifically for you with the option to… Read more »

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Card-Making Crafternoon

Meghan Fahey (1 hour)

How it Works: Revisit the joy of childhood with an old-favourite pastime – colouring! There have been many studies in recent years showing the therapeutic benefits of colouring for adults, and card-making is the perfect way to enjoy some guilt-free colouring. Taught by Meghan Fahey, students will create three handmade greeting cards in just one hour on site in your… Read more »

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Knives Out! – Get Loose with Palette Knife Painting

Brenda Rowe (3 hours)

How it Works: Want to encourage creative thinking, self-confidence and freedom of expression in your workplace? It’s time to get the knives out! Palette knives, that is, for a fun three-hour workshop using these inventive instruments that provide a looser painting style than the conventional brush. Participants will each be given a knife (don’t worry,… Read more »

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Pamela Morgan Live

Solo Acoustic Session – for a small room, 35 people and under. Informal, intimate, fully acoustic, with guitar, whistle and voice. Questions and discussion welcomed. Solo Concert – Guitar, whistle, and voice, with acoustic or digital piano and production (PA, Lights) required. Concert with Friends – Led by Morgan, but with other veteran traditional players… Read more »

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Drumming Up Business

Tom Alteen (Musubi Drum Circles)

How it Works: Did you know that Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Google, Oracle, Toyota, Unilever and Raytheon have hosted drum circles? In effect, companies such as these are adopting drum circles as additional organizational tools. Tom Alteen, M.B.A., B.Voc.Ed. (Musubi Drum Circles) has an inventory of hand percussion instruments and offers a “turnkey”… Read more »

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