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Spotlight On Partnerships

Spotlight on Ocean View Art Gallery & Dominique Hurley

When you bring creativity and community together, great things can happen – inspiration gets ignited, world views widen, and ideas get exchanged and grow as you get the chance to see things through a different perspective. A visit to your local art gallery can do all of these things, and more. When they initially opened… Read more »

Spotlight on National Volunteer Week and the BVA Program

Where would we be without volunteers? Those who give freely of their time, skills and experience to help others not only lift individuals and organizations, but entire communities. During National Volunteer Week 2019, we take time out to say thank you to all of Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers for all they do. The Conference Board… Read more »

Annual Report 2019 Highlights

At Business & Arts NL, our mission has always been to foster a mutually beneficial, long term relationship between the business and arts communities throughout our province. Our newly released Annual Report highlights the strides we’ve taken to make this happen. Both of these sectors have so much to offer each other and when they… Read more »

Spotlight on Edge of the Avalon Inn

This province is a place that’s practically teeming with talent. From singers, songwriters and storytellers of every stripe to playwrights, painters, potters and more, you’ll likely find an artist wherever you roam. Our creative community plays a huge part in what makes this place great. The folks at Edge of the Avalon Inn know this… Read more »

Q&A with Visual Artist Mark Benson

If you happened to pass through MUN’s University Centre recently, you’ve likely seen, and heard, the latest addition to our #ComePlayWithMeNL public piano program (read about the unveiling here). The piano, sponsored by Coast 101.1 and painted by visual artist Mark Benson, helps add to the dynamic energy of the space with its bursts of… Read more »

Spotlight on Scene First: Between Breaths Orchestral

Have you ever watched a concert, play, musical, or a live performance of any other kind and wondered how it all seems to magically come together? While the performers and players on stage make it seem so effortless, there are also many hands behind the scenes that help make the art come to life. On… Read more »

Social Media Marketing: Q&A with Sheldon Payne of Newfound Marketing

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and the list goes on. There are so many social media platforms out there these days, it can get a bit overwhelming. And if you’re an artist who’s trying to share, advertise and market your work, you might have a hard time narrowing down your options. Your time and money… Read more »

Spotlight on Memorial University’s #ComePlayWithMeNL Public Piano

Since its inception, Business & Arts NL’s #ComePlayWithMeNL public piano program has been striving to bring people together through music, and create moments of spontaneous creativity and connection in our busy lives. Now, thanks to a new public piano at MUN’s University Centre, sponsored by Coast 101.1, students, faculty, staff and visitors will have the… Read more »

Insurance for Artists: Q&A with Neil Trahey of Sun Life Financial

Do you have a plan in place for how to pay the bills should you fall ill and need to put work on hold? Have you started thinking about tucking away some money for retirement, but just haven’t made the initial investment? These are things that everyone should keep in mind but when you’re self-employed,… Read more »

Spotlight on Filmmaker Ivy Lin & #ComePlayWithMeNL Public Piano Program

Since 2014, Business & Arts NL’s #ComePlayWithMeNL Public Piano Program has been encouraging moments of spontaneous performance and creativity, and helping bring people together through music. The pianos have been beckoning everyone from professional musicians, music students and teachers, interested passersby and more. A few years ago, one of them also attracted the attention of… Read more »

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