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Spotlight On Partnerships

Spotlight on Two Whales Coffee Shop

If you’ve ever visited Port Rexton on the beautiful Bonavista Peninsula, you are likely familiar with Two Whales Coffee Shop. The family-run coffee shop and vegetarian restaurant has been a fixture in the area, and a popular spot for locals and visitors to grab a bite, for a decade now. In addition to their coffee,… Read more »

Spotlight on Clean St. John’s Traffic Box Art Program

St. John’s has long been hailed as a colourful city – from its bright jellybean row houses to its interesting local personalities. Thanks to Clean St. John’s Traffic Box Art Program, the city is slowly adding more hues to its ever-growing palette. Started in 2012, the Traffic Box Art Program hires local artists to paint… Read more »

Spotlight on the Spring Etsy: Made in Canada Market at Atlantic Place

When you support local artists, crafters and artisans, you are not only helping sustain their individual practices/businesses, you are also supporting the local economy – helping create a climate in which the creative community as a whole can thrive. This is one lesson that the Etsy: Made in Canada market is teaching – in a… Read more »

Spotlight on Stantec & Suzuki Talent Education Program

Most arts groups/organizations have a lot on their plates. From practicing, producing and marketing their work, to meeting with board members and ensuring that their mandate is being carried out, there is often much to do and a limited amount of time and resources with which to do it. This is where the value of… Read more »

Spotlight on National Volunteer Week & Business Volunteers for the Arts

Volunteers make the world go round. Those who give freely of their time and expertise for the benefit of others, without expecting anything in return, provide more value than they know. During National Volunteer Week (NVW), April 15-21, we take the time to say thank you to Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers and recognize their contributions… Read more »

Spotlight on White Hills Resort

There’s a special kind of joy that comes with breathing new life into an old object – giving it a renewed meaning and purpose. Where one person sees a busted snowboard, another sees a blank canvas. And if you’ve glided down the slopes at White Hills Resort in Clarenville this season, you too might be… Read more »

Spotlight on Rocket Bakery

Last month, Business & Arts NL successfully wrapped up the first portion of ArtsSupport NL – a new 18-month program that aims to strengthen fundraising practices and build donor engagement within the local arts community. The five-day intensive training session was held at Rocket Bakery in St. John’s and brought together a dozen not-for-profit arts… Read more »

Spotlight on Business Portals & Artist June Walker-Wilson

The visual arts sector is a vibrant and vital part of Newfoundland and Labrador’s creative industry. You don’t need to travel far to find an artist painting one of our many inspiring landscapes, a sculptor preserving our history and heritage with metal and clay, or a photographer capturing our story through their own unique lens…. Read more »

Spotlight on Legal Clinic for Artists

Besides the day-to-day matters of running an arts-based practice, members of the creative community have a lot on their plates. Whether they’re preparing to grow their practice or wrapping their heads around contracts and copyright, sometimes things come up that can’t be easily resolved with a simple Google search. Last month, Business & Arts NL… Read more »

Spotlight on ArtSupport NL

Arts and cultural organizations are creative, resilient and, most importantly, necessary for happy and healthy communities. But even the most diligent and determined of organizations sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to focussing their fundraising model. A new program administered by Business & Arts NL is striving to do just that. ArtSupport NL… Read more »

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