The Art of Teambuilding – Mural Projects

Brenda Rowe

Length of project: Half or full day

How it Works:

Join established artist and experienced instructor, Brenda Rowe, for a day of creativity and cooperation. In this engaging workshop, your team will come together to create a mural mosaic, each working on a small section of a selected image, which are then brought together like a jigsaw to reveal an end-of-the-day masterpiece! This workshop is a great way to encourage individual creative expression and teamwork, with the final mosaic often displayed on an office wall for all to see. Corporate art workshops can be scheduled as half- or full-day events, with a minimum of five participants, and can take place at your workplace, at Brenda’s art studio, or at another off-site location.

About the Artist:

Brenda Rowe is an award-winning artist, advocate, teacher and mentor. With a teaching certificate from Memorial University, Brenda diligently passes on her skills to aspiring artists and amateur groups alike through her fun, creative and collaborative workshops. She paints and teaches from her studio in Torbay, Newfoundland, overlooking the rugged coast and sprawling Atlantic Ocean that have inspired so much of her work. Brenda is greatly experienced in leading and hosting art workshops of all sizes, and can always be counted on to deliver a professional, enjoyable and educational experience.

Contact Brenda:

Brenda Rowe Artwork
709-437-ROWE (7693)

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