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Spotlight On Partnerships

Spotlight on ExxonMobil & the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival

For almost three decades, the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (SJIWFF) (October 18-22) has been celebrating and screening films written, directed or produced by women. But the event (one of the longest-running women’s film festivals in the world) does much more than that. Featuring international documentaries, short films and features, it also provides invaluable… Read more »

Spotlight on Johnny Ruth, Rocket Bakery & Festival of New Dance

If you strolled around downtown St. John’s this past weekend, you might’ve noticed some interesting activity happening in a couple of storefront windows. Both Johnny Ruth and Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food on Water Street played host to performers from the 27th Festival of New Dance (FND) – an annual event from Neighbourhood Dance Works… Read more »

Spotlight on United Way of NL & Shallaway

Shallaway has been the voice of young choral enthusiasts, and their mentors, in the province for the past 25 years. By fostering an appreciation for choral music, the organization has also been helping youth to develop creative expression, independence, confidence and leadership skills, just to name a few. Now, Shallaway will be able to reach… Read more »

Spotlight on the Riddle Fence & Leaside Group Arts & Culture Contests

Home to a number of talented emerging and established artists, the local arts scene is lauded for good reason. Our stories (whatever the medium) bind us, help us to make sense of our past and inform our future – and nobody can spin a tale quite like a Newfoundlander and Labradorian. For the second year… Read more »

Spotlight on Etsy: Made in Canada Market at Atlantic Place

There’s no doubt that Newfoundland and Labrador is a unique and inspiring place, filled with creative folks of all varieties – and the capital city of St. John’s is no different. Year round, you can find artists, designers and crafters at any number of fairs and markets selling and promoting their goods and exchanging ideas…. Read more »

Spotlight on ARTFUSiON & the City of Mount Pearl

The arts have a special way of building community and camaraderie in our busy lives, inviting us to slow down, take stock and tune into our inner creative voices. And a community that creates together can relate to each other on a whole other level. Thirteen years ago, the Association for the Arts in Mount… Read more »

Spotlight on the Cox & Palmer Pivotal Point Grant

There comes a time in every artist’s career when they reach that critical point – they’ve created a body of work, along with some buzz, but they need some help to reach the next level. Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Cox & Palmer Pivotal Point Grant is giving visual artists that extra support. Established… Read more »

Spotlight on Posie Row

The heritage buildings in a city like St. John’s afford many a unique opportunity to artists and entrepreneurs who are looking for a special, one-of-a-kind space in which to create or do business. Now, one local entrepreneur is working on expanding her business, while helping out other entrepreneurs at the same time. If you’ve ever… Read more »

Spotlight on the Cochrane Centre

If there were a story that defined the spirit of community and collaboration, the Cochrane Centre would be it. Three years ago, faced with rising costs associated with building maintenance and a dwindling congregation, the Cochrane Street United Church decided to give their building a new lease on life. They met with city officials, arts… Read more »

Spotlight on Martek & Halfhandsome

If you work in the world of improv comedy, you need space to stretch and spread your wings, as you never know in which position you may find yourself – literally. Working as part of a comedy troupe, camaraderie and collaboration is essential to the creative element, and so is having a place in which… Read more »

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