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Atlantic Arts Space: Artist Studio Space at Atlantic Place

This application is for emerging and professional artists who wish to access in-kind studio space at Atlantic Place.

The former Cora’s ‘corral’ area located on the main floor of Atlantic Place has transformed into a temporary space for artists to produce work. On site storage is available inside the former restaurant. Space will be shared among six resident artists for a period of approximately eight weeks.

We are now accepting applications for SUMMER 2018.

Meet resident artists.

Missed the deadline? Or does your project not quite fit? Business and Arts NL welcomes applications from artists of all disciplines. Projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis and if successful artists may be offered alternate space within Atlantic Place and/or other potential local properties. Please apply via the Artist Application Form below.

Atlantic Arts Space

This project aims to:

  • Connect artists with in-kind studio space to produce artwork.
  • Activate the wider community by bringing more opportunities to experience art into everyday life.
  • Grow new peer and mentor type connections between artists.

In-kind use of this space has been generously provided by Martek on behalf of Southwest Properties.

This project was created by Business and Arts NL.

APPLY HERE: Artist Application Form


What costs are involved for artists?

No rental fees will be charged to artists using this space. All work produced will remain the property of the artist.

What is provided?

Drop cloths will be provided to protect surfaces from paint, and some cafe-style tables and chairs are available. However artists will be expected to provide their own equipment such as easels, paint and supplies, etc. A labelled container to store your supplies is recommended.

Will I be expected to do anything in return?

Artists using the space must attend an orientation session, and provide feedback on this program. Artists must be open to producing work in a semi-public environment and engaging with curious members of the public.

Can I store my art supplies on site?

Yes. A designated section of the former Cora’s restaurant will serve as storage space.

What are the expectations surrounding my engagement with members of the general public?

Visitors, tenants and employees of Atlantic Place may be curious about you and your work! Participating artists must feel comfortable taking on the role of an Arts Ambassador by welcoming friendly interaction. Artists will have the liberty to position themselves within the space so works-in-progress are out of public gaze if they wish.

What is my relationship to the other artists using the space?

Participants will determine how share this space and are expected to work with one another in a spirit of cooperation.

What is the selection process for artists?

This is not a juried process. An ad hoc committee facilitated by Business and Arts NL will select participants based on the following criteria: Timing and availability of artists. The impact this opportunity is expected to have on the participant. How well the project fits with the environment and within the context of the group. (For example we’d love to program emerging and established artists so they may widen their networks and learn from one another in an informal setting.)

Can a group of artists apply together?

Yes. Please outline this in your application.

When can I access the studio?

The studio will be accessible during the hours Atlantic Place is open: Weekdays from 5:30AM to 10PM; Saturdays and Sundays from 8AM to 8PM. Hours of may change without notice.

How long will each artist be invited to use the space?

Approximately two months, or as otherwise outlined.

If I’m accepted, am I eligible to apply again?

Yes, each incoming application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any limitations on the types of materials and equipment an artist may use?

Artists must be sensitive to the experience of tenants, employees and patrons of Atlantic Place. No noxious paints or chemicals may be used, and spraying is prohibited. Disruptive noises to be avoided. Property must be not be damaged. The safety of oneself and others must be respected at all times.

Can I display and sell finished works of art?

Yes. However artists selling artwork will be responsible for handling all aspects of their business.

My project doesn’t fit this application. Would you consider allowing artists to use this space in other ways in the future?

Yes! We both welcome and encourage you to submit your ideas to us.

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