Business & Arts NL

Pop Up Arts Space: In-kind space in support of local Arts.

Meetings • Rehearsals • Workshops • Public and Private Events

Business and Arts NL is connecting members of the arts community with in-kind spaces located in downtown St. John’s. Our main space described below is available for bookings.

Alternate spaces may also be available! We will provide advice and support for all inquiries and each one will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Tell us what you need.

Pop Up Arts Space was conceived by Business and Arts NL and developed in partnership with Common Ground Coworking.

Common Ground has a vision for creating a new downtown community with creative organizations at its heart. They plan to bring arts and cultural organizations like yours together with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. Common Ground hopes these will form a support network to help all of its members thrive. The space itself and the ways that it can be used by community members will be flexible so your input is needed to find the best way to design them.



Where is it located?

The Neal Building, located at 50 Harbour Drive in downtown St. John’s.

What type of spaces are available? (Scroll down for more options)

Second Floor Wind Studio: Suitable for meetings, workshops, bare-bones rehearsals, private and public events. The Wind Studio can be booked one time, or for a series of dates. Managed by Business and Arts NL. Available free of charge.

Wind Studio Spec
Square Feet: 650
Width: 20′ 2″
Length: 32′ 3″
Height: 8′ 7″
Two windows: 34″ x 58″
Square column: 16″
Board Table: 8′ x 4′
Chairs: 6


Who may access Pop Up Arts Space?

Arts organizations, committees, boards, administrators, arts groups, individual artists, and cultural producers working in any arts-related field.

How will you determine who gets access to these spaces?

Business and Arts NL is accepting bookings for the Wind Studio on a first come, first served basis while also trying to spread the love by making the space available among a wide variety of groups and projects.

What is the project exactly?

The original proposal developed by Business and Arts NL is here. Some details of the project have changed but the philosophy remains the same.

How do I book a spot?

Apply here to tell us your space requirements. Applications will be subject to review by Business and Arts NL and Common Ground Coworking.

Groups who have participated in this program will be asked to acknowledge Business and Arts NL and Common Ground as supporters and complete this short Pop Up Arts Space: Follow Up report.

New Fourth Floor, Parking Lot Events, and Other Spaces in the Neal: Business and Arts NL does not handle these bookings, they are managed by the Common Ground Study group. Please use this application here.

The Fourth Floor features 3000 square feet of newly renovated open space with some adjacent closed rooms, a gorgeous harbour view and wood floors.

Private Offices: A limited amount of affordable, arts-friendly space may be available for rent by the week or by the month. Utilities, wifi and insurance to operate in the building included in the fee.  Please use this application here.



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