Business & Arts NL


Our Public Piano Project brings together the business and the arts community, raise awareness of our presence and our mandate, and create opportunities for local visual artists and musicians.

Our Arts to Business Directory is a listing of available creative services to benefit business. This catalogue serves as a catalyst to create mutually beneficial partnerships between the local arts and business communities. Services offered include small and medium-scale projects aimed at enhancing employee quality of life, fostering creativity in the workplace, enhancing skills, demonstrating employee and/or client appreciation etc. Business members will be able to use these services to enhance their corporate practices, connect their brands to the local community, and differentiate themselves as employees of choice while connecting with local artists. Once connected, these relationships can grow into further mutually beneficial partnerships. Find more information on this project here.

Business Volunteers for the Arts provides legal and accounting services, advice, and educational programming to artists and cultural organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador. BVA also provides opportunities for professionals to volunteer their time and services to help local artists navigate the complicated world of finance and law, and develop sound business practices. Though rich in talent, individual artists and arts groups often have extremely limited financial resources; the median income for a performing or creative artist in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2011 was $10,900, well below the Canadian average. Additionally, the unusual demands and legal complexities involved in practicing their work can leave this population particularly vulnerable and in need of legal assistance. Even relatively minor legal issues can pose a major disruption to their lives and an impossible burden to their finances. Our goal is to give artists the support they need to continue making their best work, while providing professionals with opportunities to support the arts community, work with varied clientele, and gain valuable experience.

Our Business On Board program links young business professionals to arts organizations seeking business expertise on boards and committees.


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