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Business Volunteers for the Arts

Our growing roster of Business Volunteers offer free consultation to artists, and specialize in the following areas:

Accounting • Advertising Plans • Architecture and Design • Bookkeeping Process Recommendations • Content Development for Brochures • Budgeting and Financial Projections • Business Development Planning • Business Plan Writing • Charitable Status Applications • Commercial Leases • Communications Content Development Strategy • Community Engagement • Conducting Board Meetings • Construction • Digital Marketing • Dispute Resolution • Employment Contracts • Employment Labour Standards • Engineering • Event Planning • Excel Help • Fundraising • Grant-Writing and Application Review • Guidance on Regulatory Compliance • Human Resources • Intellectual Property Law • Legal Business Structure Formation • Marketing and Communications Plans • Media Relations Training • Office Administration • Organizational Effectiveness • Privacy • Project Management • Proposal Reviews • Sales • Simply Accounting Help • Social Media Planning • Sponsorship Relations • Strategic Planning • Survey Development • Web Content Review • Writing and Editing

What is Business Volunteers for the Arts?

Business Volunteers for the Arts is a matching service which connects volunteer lawyers, accountants, marketing and other professionals with local arts organizations and individual artists.

Business Volunteers offer pro bono time and services to help artists navigate the complicated world of these professions, and to develop sound business practices. Our goal is to give artists the support they need to make their best work, and to strengthen creative networks throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

How to Get Involved – Volunteers

Business & Arts NL is currently recruiting business professionals to join our growing roster of volunteers. Each volunteer is invited to fill out an intake form (below) outlining specific services they are willing to advise on, as well as a maximum commitment (of hours per month) in order to make sure participation in this program is reasonable.

Sign Up Here

Once we have received your completed volunteer intake form, your name will be added to our database of volunteers.

How This Program Works

The Business Volunteers for the Arts program is designed to provide short term, one-off assistance (such as review of a legal document), and not ongoing services (such as monthly bookkeeping help). When a request comes in from the arts community, the coordinator of this program will work with the artist to define the scope of the project.

Next a potential match will be identified from the volunteer database, and the program coordinator will reach out to the volunteer to gauge availability and interest in the project. Once a project has been accepted by a volunteer, the volunteer and artist are required to work independently on a mutually agreed upon schedule, keeping the program coordinator informed of any victories and/or issues as they arise. Upon completion of the project, the volunteer and artist are each required to submit a Final Report, and may be asked to submit a Progress Report for ongoing projects.

How to Access Services – Artists and Arts Organizations

Business & Arts NL matches business volunteers with artists in need of professional services. The Business Volunteers for the Arts program is designed to provide short term, one-off assistance (such as review of a legal document), and not ongoing services (such as monthly bookkeeping help). Services beyond the scope of this program can be negotiated separately between the artist and the service provider.

Matching is dependent upon volunteer availability. Priority will be given to Business & Arts NL members. If you’re interested in requesting services, use the link below.


Apply for Assistance

Why Get Involved?

Benefits to Business

  • Employees are involved in rewarding community activity that enhances their business and interpersonal skills.
  • Employee involvement builds recognition and good will for a company’s image in the community.
  • Support for the arts enhances the quality of life in a community, a factor in attracting and retaining motivated employees.

Benefits to Business Volunteers

  • Volunteering provides opportunities to apply and expand professional skills.
  • Provides skills-based volunteers the opportunity to make an in-depth contribution to an organization and see results.
  • Volunteers are able to develop leadership skills. Often they have a far greater scope at a volunteer position than in their workplace, especially if they are relatively junior.
  • Volunteers gain new perspectives by working outside their field.

Benefits to Arts Groups

  • Skilled professionals donate their time and skills to help arts groups with specific projects free of charge.
  • Professional consultation can help arts managers use available resources more effectively and efficiently.
  • Volunteers may sometimes connect arts groups with additional resources through their networks.
  • Volunteers may be open to becoming arts leaders within the organization, joining special committees or joining the board of directors.

Benefits to Community

  • Helps build a healthy and vital cultural environment by creating strong connections and commitment to the community.
  • Builds new leadership for the arts.

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