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Come Play with Me NL – Public Piano Project


NEW! Call for Proposals – Visual Artists
Deadline March 20, 2018.

Business and Arts NL’s #ComePlayWithMe public pianos are part of our initiative
to bring businesses and artists together to enrich the culture of our province. We
currently have six public pianos across the province, and a seventh is on the
way! Our next piano will be installed at the Health Science Centre, St. John’s this

We are seeking submissions from artists interested in designing this next public
piano. The theme for the design will be:

When we think about bringing comfort to those who are staying, visiting or
working in a health care facility or hospital we often wish we could wrap them in a
warm quilt. The imagery could be a beautiful Quilt blowing in the breeze or
draped over a soft bed or perhaps your imagination takes you to another place.

Artwork can include any media, but must not impede the musical functioning of
the piano. The artist will be responsible for the cost of all art materials. The
design must include the #ComePlayWithMeNL hashtag, as well as Business and
Arts NL’s website: A 12” x 24” sign will be placed on top
of the piano, indicating the Business Member partnership for this particular piano.
Business & Arts NL is offering $1000 in payment, plus a free one-year
membership to our organization. The successful artist will also receive media
attention as part of the promotion surrounding this project.

If you are interested in designing the Health Science Centre piano, please submit
the following components no later than 3pm on Tuesday March 20, 2018.
a) a 100-200 word biography
b) at least 5 jpegs of your past work
c) a brief description of your design concept for the piano

For additional information and address for submission:
Jennifer Young, Executive Director email:
Business and Arts NL PO Box 265 Stn C St John’s NL A1C 5T2
Or phone 709-745- 1611.

Our public piano project currently includes 5 pianos in popular locations across the province. Creating moments of connection and beauty in our busy lives, these artist-painted pianos are sponsored by businesses who support arts and culture. Stop to play one of our pianos (located at Atlantic Place, Avalon Mall, Deer Lake Airport, Memorial University Student Centre and St. John’s Airport) and share your music with us via social media @BizArtsNL using #ComePlayWithMeNL.

Deer Lake Airport


Stephen Eckert performed a free community concert at the Airport on Aug 31, 2017.

The public piano at Deer Lake Airport, installed by Business & Arts in August 2015, has also been getting its fair share of attention. Brightly decorated with an underwater theme by Corner Brook artist Jackie Alcock (who made a video of her process) and sponsored by Humber Motors, the piano has caught the eye of many who’ve passed through the airport over the summer (including some familiar faces like Alan Doyle). And during a visit to Gros Morne in September, some members of the Canadian Chamber Choir touched down to play a few tunes!

Read more about the Deer Lake piano launch here.

Atlantic Place

The Newdock sponsored piano was launched on February 26th, 2017 at Atlantic Place. Painted by artist Sarah O’Rourke-Whelan, this piano has a sea-to-skyscape which includes sonar imaging of the ocean floor at the very bottom.

Avalon Mall

Business and Arts NL launched a piano at the Avalon Mall just in time for Christmas season 2016! Sponsored by Coast 101.1, painted by Susy Randell, and debuted by Evan Smith and Dana Parsons, we are sure this beautiful piano is going to be a hit with shoppers.

Read more about the Avalon Mall piano launch here.




MUN University Centre, St. John’s

The piano hosted by MUN and sponsored by Penney Auto Group has been a huge hit. It was designed by Benjy Kean (see video, above), and premiered by Brian Way and Noelle Slaney in February 2016. The piano enlivens the food court in the University Centre, where is played frequently, including as the centrepiece of the #MUNCafe Concert Series.

St. John’s International Airport

Business and Arts NL launched Newfoundland and Labrador’s first “Street Piano” at St. John’s International Airport in December 2014. Since the launch, the public piano has become an important element of the Airport environment, drawing in people of all ages and from all places to take part in the Come Play With Me NL (#ComePlayWithMeNL) Street Piano Project.

The piano was repainted by Cara Kansala in February 2016.

The original piano was painted by artist Justin Fong, debuted by Timothy Brennan, and proudly sponsored by JAG (Steele Hotels). The piano displays Fong’s vibrant artwork as well as JAG’s advertisement to the 3 million passengers walking through St. John’s airport each year. As well as being featured in a video circulated by Air Canada NL for the Christmas season, social media videos featuring this piano have received tens of thousands of views. There are also plans to incorporate the piano into future media items of both the airport and their vendors, providing a great deal of exposure for all artists and businesses involved. This mutual benefit to arts and business is a microcosmic demonstration of Business and Arts NL’s mandate, as well as an important contributor to our young organization’s visibility in the community.

While welcoming ECMA Artists to St. John’s, we spent a “day in the life of a street piano” at the airport:

Musicians have been finding creative ways to harness some of the magic of this piano. Fairgale, a band based out of St. John’s, recently posted a Youtube video of the band performing an unplugged version of a classic Trooper song. The video has received nearly 9,000 views, and landed the band a spot opening for Trooper at the 2015 George Street Festival!

Read more about the St. John’s International Airport piano launch here.


Future Pianos

We have plans to install a public piano at Gander International Airport, and in Arts and Culture Centres across the province.

Get Involved!

Interested in being part of one of our next pianos? Opportunities abound for locations, business partners, and artists!

Opportunities for Locations

  • support this project by hosting a piano in your high-traffic space
  • attract new traffic to/within your building
  • provide opportunities for new connections in your space
  • positive media exposure
  • lessen anxiety in your workplace
  • support arts in the community

Opportunities for Business

  • visible participation (your logo on a piano)
  • novel brand exposure in high-traffic areas
  • positive media exposure
  • support arts in the community

Opportunities for Artists

  • fees offered to artists who design the pianos, musicians who debut pianos
  • positive media exposure
  • helps support BANL’s mandate

Where will these pianos be located?
Unlike many cities which are able to display these pianos outdoors, the weather in St. John’s dictates that our pianos be located indoors. This project will take place in locations such as the airport, shopping centres, concert venues, government buildings, hospitals, etc. across the province.

For more information, please contact us.


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