Business & Arts NL

Business Volunteers for the Arts – Individuals (Other Disciplines)

As requests for this program continue to expand and diversify, the skill set of the volunteers we seek continues to grow. We encourage professionals from all disciplines, with all skill sets to join this program. Please contact us if you are unsure about what you might contribute.

Business Volunteers for the Arts - Other Disciplines

  • May include, but not limited to: Financial management, accounting, marketing/communications, business writing, strategic planning, IT support, design, construction, engineering, reviewing proposals and written materials, etc. Please list any skills you are willing to share - finding the intersection with the needs of the artistic community is our job!
    Your participation in Business Volunteers for the Arts may result in you having access to information of a confidential nature relating to Business and Arts NL (BANL) and to artists and to arts organizations who have registered with Business and Arts NL for assistance. Confidential information includes any information relating to BANL, to an artist or an arts organization that is disclosed during the period of your involvement with Business Volunteers for the Arts. You agree to treat all such information as confidential and to take all such precautions as may be necessary to protect and ensure the confidentiality of such information and not use such confidential information for any purposes other than in accordance with the objects of Business Volunteers for the Arts.
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