Business & Arts NL

Brokering Service


Brokering is a membership benefit for all members of Business and Arts NL. Brokering will provide promotional opportunities/advantages to business while simultaneously adding to the resource base of arts organizations. Brokering is a Business and Arts NL membership service, and will be a key element in building relationships between business and arts.


Our brokering service matches private sector members with arts groups or individuals in order to achieve desired results, including:

  • Community engagement (through exposure, volunteer opportunities)
  • Brand exposure (through logo placement, advertising, media coverage etc.)
  • Arts-related decision making (i.e. visual art consultancy, access to specific creative services)

Other components of the brokering service include:

  • Workshops for the creative sector on how to engage a sponsor
  • Coaching and consulting to arts organizations/artists seeking sponsorships
  • Demonstrating to business the value of partnerships with the arts

How to Get Involved

If you:

  • Represent a business seeking that “perfect fit” of an alliance with the arts community;
  • Have an offbeat arts-related idea you’re interested in exploring;
  • Represent an arts organization seeking a focused partnership with a local business;

Please contact our General Manager.

Here are some of our most recent brokering projects:

We helped Martek host a noontime concert series at Atlantic Place.

We connected Seafair Capital with an artist for a great staff teambuilding exercise.

We helped Fishers’ Loft and Diamond Design launch a concert series.

We connected RBC with a theatre instructor who led employees through improv activities for customer service training.

We helped Statoil employees work together on this painting activity as part of a teambuilding exercise.

We created a Pop-up Gallery of artworks by Business and Arts NL artists in a startup office for National Public Relations.

We helped Knightsbridge, Robertson, Surrette amass a team of actors to aid a client in a staff training event.



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